A quick glance at unemployment statistics

While millions of unemployed Americans are hoping for economic recovery, it appears that the economy is continuing to plod along, bordering on stagnation. Recent unemployment rates highlight what we can expect in the months to come.

The U.S. unemployment rate rose to 7.9%, which is better than it has been for some time. The economy faced a 10%+ unemployment rate at the peak of the current recession and then stagnated above 8% for over 2 years. While 7.9% is certainly not ideal, it at least shows some signs of improvement.


A Comparison of Raleigh and U.S. Unemployment Statistics

As for North Carolina, it is the 46th worst state in terms of unemployment, with a rate of over 9.6%. The good news is that Raleigh is doing much better, with an unemployment rate of 6.4%. This is better than its high in January 2010 (8.2%) and its 2012 high of 7.4%. So while the U.S. continues to mull along towards slow economic recovery, North Carolina continues to struggle and Raleigh outperforms its state in terms of economic growth.

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